Carbon Brushes ca-13-080 for Hilti

11.95 Incl. VAT


Set of two Buildalot carbon brushes ca-13-080 for Hilti powertools – 5×8,5x18mm


Set of two Buildalot Universal carbon brushes ca-13-080:

  • For Hilti power tools
  • With Automatic Stop, Spring, Cable and Spring
  • Dimensions: 5×8,5x18mm – 0,20×0,33×0,71”
  • Replaces original carbon brushes Hilti 265857, Hilti 265858
  • Corresponds with Asein product code 1642


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Suitable for these power tools:

  • Hilti Hammer TE2
  • Hilti Hammer TE2-M
  • Hilti Hammer TE2-S
  • Hilti Hammer TE29
  • Hilti Hammer TE2M
  • Hilti Hammer TE6-C
  • Hilti Hammer TE6-C GROUNDED
  • Hilti Hammer TE6-S GEERDET
  • Hilti Hammer UH 650 100 V
  • Hilti Screwdriver SF 4000